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Cricklewood Minicab Airport Transfer !

Cricklewood Minicab Airport Transfer !

Terms and Conditions

Vehicle Type

Passenger or passenger’s booking agent to ensure that they order the correct type of vehicle in order to carry the numbers of passengers and number of luggage. Vehicle type can be changed after booking by sending an email request to prior to 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time.


i) Price quoted and paid is for all passengers boarding the chosen vehicle and not per passenger basis.
ii) The price is for the type of vehicle based on no. of passengers, no. of luggage and the distance between to and from locations.
iii) Prices are quoted to drive through the most economical route. If the passengers nominate a route to their preference, the passengers will be liable to pay the extra charges such as fuel, toll, additional millage and waiting amongst other charges

Phone Bookings

i) Phone bookings can be taken and maintained for 24 hours.
ii) Bookings are maintained with great attention and care.
iii) Some of the bookings may be recorded for training and verification purposes.
iv) We will not be held liable for any incorrect information provided by third party.

Booking Confirmations

i) E-mail confirmations about booking to all of our passengers are sent, which includes bookings done through phone call and online at website as well.
ii) If you don’t receive the booking confirmation mail within 30 minutes from the booking time, please call us or email us to check for the status (please check your spam folder before you do so).
iii) Please note that passengers booked for the two-way journeys must reconfirm the return pick up booking by email or by telephone 24 hours before the pickup time and not earlier than 72 hours, failure to do that will result in cancellation or no booking will be made for the return journey regardless of payment made in advance.
iv) If you know you will have problem in reconfirming the return journey, please do the special arrangements by email us to get the return journey booking confirmation email and make sure you obtain the return journey booking reference number.


Payments can be made by the following methods:

1. You can pay directly to the driver.

2. Prepay by Credit/Debit Card using PayPal or through WorldPay merchant service

For all bookings made by debit card/credit card using PayPal/WorldPay there will be an additional charge of £5.00 (for booking values up to £100.00) will be collected along with the fare. Any booking value exceeds £100.00, a surcharge of 5% will be added to the fare.

Fraud Prevention

To protect our drivers and passengers safety we have implemented a random installation of security cameras in our cars

All credit and debit card bookings will be subject to verification and fraud screening.

Waiting Time Charges

i) All pickups from the airports and cruise ports are allowed 40 minutes free from the landing time / docking or pre agreed pick up time.
ii) Any further waiting time will be charged at 20p per minute (minimum £5.00). Flight delays are exempt from these charges.
iii) Pickups from home, hotel, office and other venue are allowed 10 minutes from the actual booked time, thereafter 20p per minute (minimum £5.00) will be added to the quoted fare.

Additional Passengers and Luggage

Additional passengers and luggages may be added with the permission of British Airport Transfers control to the car ordered but not exceeding the numbers per vehicle type ordered.

Additional Drop offs and Pick ups

Additional drop offs and pickups will be charged per mile rate plus fee of £8.00 per pick up / drop.

Cancellations & Refund policy

i) A booking can be cancelled in advance by either parties giving 12 hours of notice. A full refund is provided with a deduction of administration fee of 5% of total fare for any prepaid transfers which are cancelled.
ii) In case of cancellation done by the company, a full refund is provided without deduction of administration fee of 5%. For cash bookings there will be no charges applicable for cancellations notified prior to 12 hours of the pickup time.
iii) Any booking made on the basis of paying cash to the driver secured with a credit card or debit card will be charged the full fare in the event of cancellations notified under 12 hours.
iv) Administration charge of minimum 5% plus cancellation charges applied as follows If cancellation made by the passenger,

Before 12 hours, 100% of your fare will be refunded minus 5%.

Between 6 to 12 hours, 75 % of your fare will be refunded minus 5%.

Between 3 to 6 hours, 50% of your fare will be refunded minus 5%.

3 hour or less, no refund will be provided as the driver would have been already allocated.

v) Cancellation charges are not levied for cancellation made by the company.

Missed Flights

i) If the passenger missed a flight this information must be informed to us immediately so that we will notify the driver not to enter the airport for that pick up.
ii) If the journey was pre-paid it will be refunded after deducting £5.00 or 7% of total fare whichever greater for bank charges. However, if the passenger wishes to take a later flight, we will provide the service at no extra cost.

No Show

We would consider as No show if it falls into any of the following situations

i) If passenger books a private hire car with us and failed to meet the driver on pick up time. This includes home, hotel and other private addresses. This will also include bookings with incorrect date and time.
ii) If a passenger books a pick up from an airport and fails to meet the driver in the arrival hall. Whereas the driver will wait in the arrival hall up to 1 hour 30 mins from flight landing time and if the passenger fails to meet or contact the driver or our customer service within this time limit or fails to inform the status of his arrival.
iii) All bookings made online or over the phone on basis of paying cash to the driver, but secured with a valid credit or debit card will be charged the full amount in the event of a no show.
iv) All bookings pre-paid by a credit or debit card will not be refunded in the event of a no show.


The driver will take the route to a destination by considering the following facts: the traffic, time, road closures, diversions.

Contractual Liabilities

Minicab airport transfer understands that in order to operate lawfully under the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 (the 1998 Act) as a licensed operator who accepts a booking from a passenger, we are entering as a principal into a contractual obligation with the passenger to provide the journey which is the subject of the booking.

i) We are contractually in agreement with the passenger once the booking is done, to provide them with the commutation service. We take booking through phone or online mode such as email / chat.
ii) On an unforeseen circumstance which is less than 3 hours of pickup time, where the assigned driver’s vehicle breaks down, then we try to fulfill the service using other drivers. If the other drivers are unavailable, then we try to use other sub contracted providers. If that is not possible or there is a potential delay, then the passenger can arrange for alternative transport, where we are liable to refund the full amount and reimbursement of the differential fare for their alternative transport with other provider, provided submission of proof of payment.
iii) For any traffic delays, anything more than 30 minutes, the passenger has the right to take alternative transport and the company is liable to pay the differential fare for the same in addition to the refund of booking fare.
iv) The company cannot be held responsible for any financial losses, missed flights, trains, ship or meetings because the car did not arrive for pickup or reach the drop off on time due to adverse weather, vehicle breakdown, traffic conditions, road traffic accidents, road closures, restricted access areas and event destruction
v) Company cannot be held responsible for being given the wrong booking information by the customer
vi) The company accept no liability for the following: Severe traffic delays, road closures, extreme and poor weather conditions.

Special Fares

i) Our Prices will be 60% higher on the following dates; 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st December and 1st January. This is due to limited availability of drivers for work during seasonal periods.
ii) Please note that we provide child seats as a courtesy service. Whilst we make every effort to ensure child seats are available, we cannot guarantee, suitability for your child, or availability for your journey. Usage of child seats is entirely at the passenger's discretion, and we cannot be held responsible or liable for their usage